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UK's Leading Supplier of Home Teeth Whitening Products!

Our teeth whitening kits are high quality and surpass all healthcare regulations put forth by the EU. The peroxide-free home teeth whitening kits and whitening results instantly. They are both safe and easy to use.

The active ingredient in these products is Sodium Perborate. The compound, which is equal to about 0.05% hydrogen peroxide, enables the users to decide how white they want their teeth to get. There’s no bleach involved and the results always look natural.

When used together, the teeth whitening gel and toothpaste provide a more substantial whitening effect. The toothpaste has a optimally blended daily whitening foam. Regular application will keep your teeth whiter for longer. In fact, the formula is the best teeth whitening option available on the market.

The products do not use peroxide, which is now illegal under EU regulations. Our products avoid the health risks and the restrictions enacted in April 2012. Whitening products in our catalog are the faction of the cost and work better. Even dentists are restricted – they can use only up to 6% hydrogen peroxide, but the products available now are so much better for those who want to whiten their teeth.

For less money and with a safer, more effective product, you can have a better smile. It’s even faster than using hair or skin care products. Your smile is the first thing someone notices, and you can have whiter teeth instantly and without any harm. Use our daily whitening foam and all-in-one kit for maximum results.

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